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8th Battalion War Diary, April 1917

    8th Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/2251    
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Place Date Hour Summary of Events
OUTTERSTEENE 1st Coy inspections.
2nd Inter platoon Bombing Competitions – C Coy won 26 pts B coy 19, A & D 11 pts. 2nd S. Lancs Sports in afternoon – Brigadier & Bde Major dined at Bn HQ.
3rd CO & OC Coys specialist officers to trenches at WULVERGHEM. Usual Coy training.
NEUVE EGKISE 4th Bn moved to NEUVEEGLISE area – 2 in Comm & Adjutant to trenches.
WOLVERGWEN 5th Bn relieved 1st OTAGO NZ Bde. D Coy on left, C coy on R, A left support, B right support - A coy SOUTLAND FM, GALWAY dugouts DESTROYED WINDMILL – B coy FORBES TERRACE. A & B supplied working parties for front line Heavy Artillery bombardment at 8pm. Enemy retaliated - 3 casualties D coy, 2 NZ TN Battery killed & 1 RE.
6th A & B working parties 40 each in morning & night – Day cold & wet fairly quiet day.
7th A & B working parties 20 morning 20 afternoon & 40 night. Day very clear. TM active in morning on left. 8pm heavy artillery fell on left. We retaliated.
8th Working parties as usual - little activity - weather very fine.
9th A relieved D, B relieved C in line. Relief completed by 6.00 am. Col Bond left to command 7th Bde temporarily. Unsettled weather. RIR Officers went round trenches.
10th Blizzard in morning. Usual working parties, Day quiet. Patrol 10th to 11th reported movement opposite bombing post N36/7.
11th Cold mild weather with snow. No night working parties or patrols.
12th Usual working parties. Enemy active with Minenwerfer opposite Bombing Block N 36-7. Night quiet. Day fine.
13th Bn relieved by 2nd RIR. GOC Div & Bde through front line.
STEETHUE 14th Arrived in billets 2am. Battn rested & cleaned up.
15th Church Parade. Coy officers reconnoitred attack course at BAILLEUL. Wet & attack in afternoon postponed.
16th Coy training in morning. Also Baths. Attack over course in afternoon. Training for sports C Coy 10th platoon chosen to represent Bn. Wild & wet day.
17th Wet morning – sports postponed. Fine afternoon. Working parties supplied 360 men.
18th Heavy snow – sports cancelled – working parties 360 men.
19th OC Coys watched attacks by 11th Cheshires. Preparing for move in morning. Day wet & cold.
PONT DE NIEPPE 20th Cleaning up billets. Bth took over billets 2nd S. Lancs. Day fine.
21st Working parties supplied all day. 1 man from C Coy killed[1] 1 wounded returning near Chapelle [Rouque?] Day fine & warm.
22nd Working parties asusual. Church Parade. Day fine & warm.
23rd Usual working parties (4 Coys) Cable laying SOYER FARM & moving stores. [????] Btn concert at night. Divisional orchestra attended by Brigadier & staff. 2nd Lt Jones 3rd Worcesters attached for duty.
24th Usual working parties. Major CWH Birt & 2nd Lieut F. Haswell (4 Border) reported for duty. Day fine. Inspected all Lewis Guns.
25th Usual working parties. 1 LG section sent to TOOL HOUSE to asst Btn in line. Night compass march for officers. Day warm. & fine.
26th Usual working parties and LG and Bombing classes. Enemy shelled Bridge over River Lys during the day. Slight damage. Day cloudy clearing up low & dark.
27th Usual working parties and LG and Bombing classes. Night working parties cancelled. Day cloudy. Lecture to officers & NCOs in afternoon by Major Birt & night marching by compass for officers.
28th Usual working parties and LG and Bombing classes. Day cloudy & warm. Boxing tournament in evening.
ERQUINGHEM 29th Cleaned up billets. Marched to Erquinghem to take over billets in laundry from Australians in afternoon. Fine & warm. Church Parade.
30th Cleaning up. Physical drill. Baths at laundry morning. Afternoon marched with Brigade to Billets near Outersteene.
[Signed] F.S. Wilkinson, Major
8th Border Regt.

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References / notes

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/2251
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.
  • War diary made available by M. Deacon and transcribed by P. Bramham.
  1. James Robert Ball (26714 Pte.) Age: 41. Buried at Pont-de-Nieppe Communal Cemetery. Husband of Ada Ball of 53, Reservoir St., Seedley, Manchester.
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