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8th Battalion War Diary, September 1917

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki
    8th Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/2251    
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Place Date Hour Summary of Events
STEENVORDE 1st Short notice move of Bde to DOMINION CAMP. Bn left at 12 noon & marched with Bde.
DOMINION CAMP 2nd Church parade. Bn continued march to CHAUSEGARO in DICKEBUSCHE AREA – where went into bivouac. Enemy aeroplanes heavily bombed surrounding area at night – No casualties.
CHAU SEGARO 3rd CO’s Conference at Bde in morning. Regt transport moved back to North of DICKESBUSCHE. Bn standing by.
4th Bn standing by. Regimental party reconnoitred front line.
5th Bn moved up at 12 noon – relieving 8 L. N. Lancs in front line (Bn HQ at CLAPHAM JUNCTION) with advanced posts in GLENCORSE WOOD 150x[1] in front of fairly continuous line. Front about 1400x. Relief completed at 10pm. Casualties NIL. Working all night improving line. Major F AWILSON Commanding. Col CWH Bity left for weeks rest.
(in front of)
6th Corps (British) on our left attacked some enemy posts – Battle lasted several hours (morning). Light barrage put down by enemy on our left. About noon enemy counterattacked corps on our left – light barrage again put down on our left. At 7.15 pm enemy appeared to counterattack again – very heavy barrage put down all along our front - but no enemy attack. Barrage lasted for about an hour. All our telephone line sheld for 45 minutes – 1 line to one coy the whole time. During night we carried on wiring, making of strong points 100x behind our lines (3 such points) – joining up the two Advanced Posts in GLENCORSE WOOD & improving our trenches.
7th Quiet day – continued work of night 6/7.
8th Quiet day - At 9pm enemy put down heavy barrage on our front – but did not attack. Barrage lasted one hour. Our telephone lines cut after a few minutes. Wok continued as above.
9th At 4am enemy put down very heavy barrages on our front - & attacked Bn on our right, taking one advanced post in INVERNESS COPSE. Third Bn (R.W.Kent) counterattacked at once & retook last post – with 12 prisoners. 2/Lt LANGWORTH killed (shellfire)[2] Bn relieved by 7 London Bn. Relief complete for B Coy (on right) C Coy (Centre) & D Coy (Support) – except for the two advanced posts by 6pm. Advanced Posts relieved by 10.45pm & remainder of Bn (A Coy on left & Bn HQ) by 1.30am on 10/9/17.
CHAU SEGARO 10th Bn HQ arrived 4am – found Coys all safely in. At 8.30 Bn moved down to WINNIPEG CAMP. During night enemy shelled & bombed camp.
WINNIPEG CAMP 11th Bn cleaning up & reorganising.
12th Bn moved to PRADELLES (by bus).
PRADELLES 13th Bn moved (marched)to STEENBECQUE.
STEENBECQUE 14th Bn marched to MAERLES–LEZ-MINES (about 18 miles) Men marched v. well indeed.
MARLES-LEZ-MINES 15th Bn reorganising & cleaning up. Also cleaning village & billets which were found in filthy condition. Lieut-Col. C.W.H. BIRT rejoined Bn.
16th Church Parade. Brigade conference.
17th-22nd General & Special training in morning. Recreational training in afternoon.
23rd Church parade. General & Special training in morning. Recreational training in afternoon. Shooting on range. Won Brigade Competition.
24th & 25th General & Special training in morning. Recreational training in afternoon.
26th Divisional Sports & Fete. Lost Shooting Competition Wilts 1st Lanc Fus 2nd Borders 3rd. BORDERS 2nd for cooker. 3rd for limber & water cart. 3rd for pack mules, 2nd for tug of war. 1st Hurdle race. 1st & 2nd wrestling, 3rd officers relay, 2nd football kicking. A very successful & pleasant day – 2/Lt Drewre joined Battn from signal course.
NOUEX-LES-MINES 27th Battalion marched with Brigade (less 8 S. Lancs) to NOUEX-LES-MINES. Men in huts. Officers in billets.
28th Resting & cleaning. Advanced party under Lt. Reed[3] to Cite CALLCONE to clean up dug outs. Battn left NOEUX-LES-MINES at 8pm & marched to CITE CALLONE – Brigade reserve.
CITE CALLONE 29th Cleaning out cellars. Working parties deepening & opening up CTs under RE’s at night. No casualties.
30th Improving dugouts & fitting gas blankets. 2 coys provided working parties – deepening trench under RE's at night. No casualties.
[Signed] CWH Birt Lt Col
Cdg 8th Bn Border Reg.

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References / notes

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/2251
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.*War diary made available by M. Deacon and transcribed by P. Bramham.
  1. The x having reference to either feet or yards.
  2. 2nd Lieut. Harold Samuel Langworth, attached 8th Bn. Border Regiment. Age 37. Buried at Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery. Son of S. T. W. and J. E. Langworth of Fulham, London; husband of Florence E. Langworth (nee Barker) of 12, Leinster Avenue, East Sheen, London. Educated at Christ's Hospital.
  3. Lieut. Gerald Francis Woolterton Reed. Mentioned in Despatches, died 21/3/18. Age:22. Commemorated on the Arras Memorial. Son of Thomas Allen Woolterton Reed and Ida Reed of The Inglenook, Rode Hill, Rode, Bath.
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