8th Battalion War Diary, December 1916

    8th Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/2251    
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events
RED LODGE 1st The Battn still holding front line trenches. Parties from XI Cheshire Regt sent up during the morning & afternoon to assist in repair of parapets.
2nd The front line occupied by B Coy was shelled during the morning between 11 & 12, no damage or casualties.
3rd Quiet day, nothing to report.
4th No working parties were supplied by the XI Cheshires. The repairs to the subsidiary line were carried out by A coy.
5th The Battn was relieved by the 2th Battn [Wilts?] during the morning and afternoon, and moved to [subsector?] in Plogsteert Wood. Batt HQ were situated at [Curlew?] Farm, A Coy at Touquet Berthe. B & C Coy at Ploegsteert Hall and D Coy in Fat line.
6th The day was given up to cleaning of equipment and baths.
7th Training was carried out under company arrangement.
8th D Coy in the front line was relieved by C Coy.
PLOEGSTEERT 9th Training was continued under company arrangements.
10th The Battn relieved XI Cheshires in front line trenches. C Coy on the left. B Coy in the centre and A on the right. D coy in support line. The XIII Cheshires on our left and 8th S. Lancs on our right.
11th Work was carried out in repairing parapets and repairing trenches.
12th Quiet day nothing to report.
13th B Coy was relieved by C coy in the centre of the line.
14th The Brigadier inspected the line during the morning.
15th Quiet day nothing to report.
16th Battn relieved by XI Cheshire Regt. The regt. went into huts at ROMARIN on being relieved.
17th Battn cleaning equipment & clothing.
ROMARIN 18th The Battn was exercised in Company training. Physical exercises & bayonet fighting.
19th One Company (A) proceeded to Meteren to undergo instruction in wiring. The remaining 3 companies practiced wiring at Romarin.
20th The regiment was inspected by Gen. Sir Douglas Haig during the morning.
21st The Battalion had a route march under company arrangement distance 7 half miles.
22nd The Battalion relieved XI Cheshires during the morning in the front line trenches. The XII Cheshires on our left and 8th South Lancs on the right. C Coy on left of line. D in centre and A on the right. B coy being in support. During the afternoon A coy was shelled by the enemy considerable damage being done.
TRENCHES 23rd A coy was again subject to considerable shellfire, also heavy trench mortar & aerial torpedoes. 1 man was killed[1] and one wounded. A great deal of damage was inflicted on our parapets.
24th A quiet day with the exception of intermittent shelling on our right. A Coy was temporarily relieved by C Coy.
25th A Coy again took its place on the right of the line. A successful raid was carried out by the XI Cheshire Regt. on the German line opposite the front held by A coy. The artillery barrage opened at 8.30am and almost immediately the party of XI Cheshires entered the German trenches. They came back with the loss of only one man killed. They killed a considerable number of the enemy and brought back one prisoner. Our casualties were 8 men wounded 5 seriously.
26th The companies were engaged in repairing the parapets damaged by the German artillery fire. We had one man badly wounded.
27th A quiet day. Very little shelling from either side. Our casualties were one man seriously wounded (since died)[2]
28th The battalion was relieved in the front line by the XI Cheshire Regt. A Coy at Touquet Berthe, B coy in fat line, C & D at Ploegsteert Hall.
29th The new draft 270 men were inspected during the morning. The remainder of the Battn engaged in cleaning up.
30th Detachment of new draft paraded during the morning for drill & exercises. Working parties furnished by remaining companies. The Battn was practiced in a night alarm.
31st Church parade in the morning. B coy relieved D Coy in the front line.
[Signed] P Strahan, Major
Cmdg 8th Batt Border Regt.

References / notes

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/2251
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.
  • War diary made available by M. Deacon and transcribed by P. Bramham.
  1. Angus McLaren (25797 Pte.) commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial.
  2. W. Garroway (14448 Cpl.) Date of Death: 27/12/1916. Buried at Bailleul Cemetery Extension, Nord.
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