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8th Battalion War Diary, June 1918

    8th Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/2251    
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Place Date Hour Summary of Events
NAPPES 1st 4.30 AM Orders were received from Bde to move to South West corner of BOIS DE EDLISSE and await further orders. The Bn with other details of the 25th Division then became 19th Divisional reserve.
4 pm Order were received that a Composite Battalion would be formed. This Battalion was called the 1/25 Divisional Composite Battalion and commanded by Major TRAIL of the 1st Bn Worcestershire Regt. The 8th Border Regt had to supply 4 Officers and all other ranks (104). The following officers were detailed:

2nd Lt. J.D. DEAS
2nd.Lt. R. SCOTT
One Coy was formed and called No 2 Coy (Border Co.)

6 pm The Border Co. proceeded to BOIS DE COURTON where it remained until 9pm.
9 pm During this time the wood came under heavy hostile fire inflicting five casualties.[1] The Company was then moved to BOIS-De ECLISSE where it remained with the Bn in reserve.
2nd 10 AM The Company in conjunction with the remainder of the Bn took up a position in support to the French, the Border Company holding a front of 250 yds. 500 yds S of CHANTEREINE Fm. The remainder of the day was quiet.
3rd With the exception of slight shelling during the day nothing important happened. In accordance with orders from 74 Bde. 2nd Lt. J.D. DEAS went to 2/25 Divisional Composite Battalion.
9 pm The Battalion took up a position in depth holding the front of CHANTEREINE Fm. (Southern corner of BIS DE EDLISSE) the Border Company being in Close support.
4th Remained in same position.
5th                  do.
2 patrols were sent out.
6th 3.15 AM The Enemy put down a heavy barrage of HE and Gas on the right of our position, which was followed by an attack. The attack was successfully repulsed. Casualties (5 wounded) were inflicted on the Border Cos.
7th Same position. The day was very quiet.
8th Same position. The day was very quiet.
9th 10.30 pm The Battalion was relieved by 1/8 Divisional Composite Bn and went on completion on relief into reserve in the BOIS DE COURTON.
10th Resting.
11th Resting.
12th & 13th During the 12th & 13th the Border Company found a working party of 1 NCO and 20 men daily.
14th 9.30 pm The Bn. moved up to the front line and relieved the 2/25 Divisional Composite Bn the Border Company taking over the front line from CHANTEREINE Fm. To a point 300 yds west of the L in BOIS De ECLISSE.
15th-17th Holding the line.
NAPPES, GERMAINE 18th 1.30 AM The Composite Bn was relieved by the 52nd Bn ALPE Regt (Italians) and on relief marched to GERMAINE arriving there at 12.30pm.
3 pm The Border Company entrained and arrived at FERE CHAMPENOISE at 7.30pm. From here they were conveyed in lorries to ST LOUP and rejoined the remainder of the 8th Border Regt.
ST LOUP 19th Cleaning up, Bathing & c.
20th In accordance with instructions received from Bde The Bn. detailed 12 officers and 306 other ranks to form with the remainder of the 9th Loyal North Lancs, No 2 Bn of the 50th Divisional Composite Brigade. Two Coys were organised and on Completion were handed over to O.C. 9th Loyal North Lancs.
21st & 22nd Awaiting instructions.
CONNANTRAY 23rd The remaining details of the Bn (16 Officers and 86 other ranks) marched to CONNANTRAY arriving there at 4pm.
HAUSSIMONT 24th Marched to HAUSSIMONT Arriving in at 1pm.
25th 11 pm At 11pm the Bn, along with details of 75 Bde marched to the station at SOMMESOUS, where they entrained.
SOMMESOUS 26th 3.30 AM Left the Station at 3.30 AM. The train halted at 11.30AM a tMONTEREUX for 45 minutes.
HESDIN 27th Travelling. Another halt was made at US-MARINES. The train arrived at HESDIN at 1pm where the Bn detrained and after tea marched to billets at EMERY arriving there at 9pm.
EMERY 28th Cleaning up.
29th The Staff of 25th Division left for England leaving the bn along with other details of the Division to await instructions from G.H.Q.
30th Church Parade.

Casualties during month:
Officers: killed 2nd Lt. H.G. MACHELL[2]
Other ranks: wounded 15

Honours & Awards
2nd Bar to Military Cross: Lt. R. Strong

Miliatry Cross: Capt. A.J. BENTLEY, Lt. J.F. DUGGAN, DCM, Lt. F.L. WILLIAMS, 2/Lt F.W. DARVELL, Capt. M. TURNBULL


Bar to MM: 10085 Pte. ROBERTS, E.

Military Medal:
13513 Pte. BELL J.
260155 Pte. GELLING W.
13548 Pte. HERD J.
25420 Cpl. O’CONNELL J.
33468 L/C WILKIE R.
9100 Pte. DIXON R.
33265 Pte. VAUGHAN H.
27963 Pte. BELL (DCM) T.
23913 Cpl. ROBINSON (DC) W.

MSM: 5793 RQMS KNIGHT J., 5526 Sgt. WALKER J.

Mentioned in Despatches: 14869 Sgt BERRY J.

[Signed] J.M. DE LA PERRELLE, Lt-Col.
Comdg 8 Border Regt.

References / notes

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/2251
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.
  • War diary made available by M. Deacon and transcribed by P. Bramham.
  1. CWGC lists three 8th Border Regiment deaths on 1/2 June:-
    • A.B. Stables (34753 Pte.) Buried at Marfaux British Cemetery.
    • J. McCann (23452 Cpl.) Buried at Sezanne Communal Cemetery.
    • Ernest Alfred Perrin (29563 Pte.) Age: 21. Buried at Rethel French National Cemnetery. Son of Mrs. E. A. Perrin of 55, Melbourne Rd., East Ham, Essex.
  2. 2nd Lieut. H.G. Machell. 12/06/1918 Age: 30. Buried at St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen. Son of Hugh and Helena Machell of 69, Grosvenor St., Marylebone, London.
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