Record of the XIth (Service) Battalion (Lonsdale) - Appendix H

Record of the XIth (Service) Battalion (Lonsdale) - Sept 1914 to Jul 1916

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HONOURS AND AWARDS[edit | edit source]

Including July 1st

EXTRACT FROM REGIMENTAL ORDERS No.26 (4), DATED JUNE 30TH, 1916[edit | edit source]

The under-mentioned Officer, W.O., and N.C.O. have been mentioned in despatch of the Commander-in-Chief, dated 30/4/16, published in the London Gazette 30/5/16.

  • Lieut.-Colonel P.W. Machell, C.M.G., D.S.O.
  • 11/19433 Co.-S.-M. A.J. Matthews, “D” Coy.
  • 11/13172 Sgt. R. Lorimer, “B” Coy.

EXTRACT FROM REGIMENTAL ORDERS No.27 (3), DATED JULY 7TH, 1916.[edit | edit source]


  • Lieut.-Colonel P.W. Machell, C.M.G.
    • Awarded the D.S.O. Vide London Gazette, 3/6/16.

The following Officer and Warrent Officer have been awarded the Military Cross (dated Sept. 2nd, 1916).

  • Lieut. Mungo McKerrow (Raid).
  • 19433 Co.-S.-M. Arthur John Matthews (Raid).
Military Medal
13300 Segt. W.S. Hunter (missing 1/7/16) (Raid)
17581 L.-Corpl. W. Bacon (to England 1/7/16) (Raid)
17541 Pte. J.R. Elliot (to England 11/7/16) (Raid)
15442 Pte. J. Richardson (died of wounds 10/7/16) (Raid)
13748 Sergt. A. Walker (Raid)
13718 Lance-Cpl. H.J. Bowling (Raid)
13652 Sergt. W. Waddington (Raid)
13723 Corpl. R. Ritchie (Raid)
17313 Lance-Corpl. J. McIntosh (Raid)
The names of a number of others (officers and other ranks) were put forward for reward, but as the awards have not yet been published (Dec., 1916), they cannot be given here.