Record of the XIth (Service) Battalion (Lonsdale) - Appendix C

Extracts from Brigade Operation order No. 45

21st June 1916

1. The Division is to take a principle part in an attack on the German positions.
Information 2. The available information indicates no increase in the strength of the enemy opposite us.
Intention 3. It is the intention of the G.O.C. to attack the enemy with the utmost vigour and determination.
* * * * * *
Infantry Tasks 9.
(a) The assault of the 1st and 2nd objectives (given) will be carried out by the - and 97th Infantry Brigades.
(b) The assault of the - and the 97th Infantry Brigades will be delivered by two assaulting columns in each Brigade, each column being composed of one battalion formed up in depth on a front of two platoons.
(c) The objectives of the 97th Infantry Brigade (were given in detail).
* * * * * *
Strong Points 11.
The 11th Border Regiment will detail one Company to consolidate strong points (given). The 11th Border Regiment will detail one Company to consolidate a strong point at the FERME DU MOUQUET, and to act as a garrison with two Lewis guns. O.C. 97th Brigade M.G. Company will detail two Vickers guns to be with the garrison also.
* * * * * *
Dress 22.
(a) Packs and greatcoats will not be taken to the forming up positions on the night preceding the assault. On Y day, all packs and greatcoats will be stored by Brigades as under: -
97th Bde., less 2 battalions, at AVELEY.

One other battalion, 97th Bde., at BOUZINCOURT. Brigade Headquarters will detail one man to each dump to remain with packs and greatcoats left behind.
(b) Each Infantryman will carry rifle and equipment (less pack), (water bottles full), 2 bandoliers of S.A.A.[a] in addition to equipment, ammunition (220 rounds in all). Bombers will carry equipment ammunition only. Waterproof sheet, 2 sandbags in belt, unexpended portion of day's ration, one iron (emergency) ration, one 1-lb. tin of meat and biscuits.


  1. Small Arms Ammunition.
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