21 June


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 21 June.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 21 June on The Great War wiki.

1916 (Wednesday)

sketch map showing route of attack for 1 July
  • Battalion situated at Contay involved in Divisional exercise.
  • One other rank is wounded (self inflicted).
  • Brigade Orders (some extracts given in Appendix C) for the attack are issued. Four days are to be devoted to a heavy bombardment.
  • The part of the enemy's line which the 32nd Division is to attack (with the Lonsdales in the 97th Brigade on the right) is the large salient, reaching from the north of Thiepval village to a point 1,800 yards due east of Authuille (see sketch map). The chord of this salient is about 1,900 yards long, and the portion of the front German trenches, allotted as the first objective of the 97th Brigade, is about 850 yards long from north to south, including the formidable Leipzig Redoubt (K on sketch map), near the southern point of the Salient; besides this, the trenches leading thence due east are to be captured by a company of the leading right battalion of the Highland Light Infantry.
  • The attack of the 97th Brigade is to be carried out by the two H.L.I. Battalions in the front line, each on a front of two platoons (i.e., about 300 yards per battalion). The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry is to be in support, and the Londales in reserve, echeloned to the right rear of the right H.L.I. Battalion.
  • When the third first line of enemy’s trenches is captured, the K.O.Y.L.I. and the Lonsdales are to pass through the H.L.I. and capture the 4th line, including Mouquet Farm. Z day, i.e., the day of the attack, is subsequently fixed for the 29 June; but owing to various causes it is deferred to the 1 July.

1917 (Thursday)

  • Ooste-Dunkerque: Battalion training under the Company Commanders followed by recreation.
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