22 June

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 22 June.


  • Battalion moves to billets at Bouzincourt; arrives 12:30am on 23 June.[1]


  • Battalion situated at Ooste-Dunkerque involved in training under Company Commanders. Recreation day.[2]


  • Battalion Cadre proceeds by mach route to Doullens, staging[3] as follows:-
    • Night of 22/23 June [1+9]: 2 Companies to Oneux, 2 Coysto Coulonvillers.
    • Night of 23/24 June: 2 Companies to Heuzecourt, 2 Companies to Le Meillard marching with 3rd and 2nd Battalion of the 105 Infantry Regiment respectively.
      References & Notes
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  2. 11th Battalion War Diary, June 1917
  3. To march in stages to a specified including a series of stopover points: staging at Oneux, Couloy Villers etc.