28 June

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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For events that took place elsewhere in the Great War, see The Great War:28 June.

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 28 June.


  • (General event) The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, by Serbian terrorists.


  • Battalion situated at Crucifix Corner. Zero time is postponed for 48 hours. Our artillery bombardment is less intense.[1]
  • "Tremendous bombardment for four days. We have had a comparatively safe two days behind this big bank, but the poor people who relieved us have suffered terribly." – Lt-Col. P. W. Machell [2]
  • Battalion Orders from (Appendix D). "The G.O.C. Division expects us to take Mouquet Farm to-morrow and keep it. I told the General that he could reply on the Lonsdales to carry out his orders. The thought that night, until we start, I ask everyone to be as quiet as possible in the wood and to show no lights, in order to avoid calling special attention to our location. Before noon to-morrow we shall have accomplished our task. I feel no doubt about it, because, as in the case of the raid, we have made every possible preparation, and the whole battalion means to do its duty, as Lieut. Barnes and the Company raiders did theirs." – Lt-Col. P. W. Machell [3]


  • Battalion situated at Ooste-Dunkerque. Working parties[4] in line during night, commencing work on building O.P.[5][6]


  • Battalion cadre arrives at Ailly-le-Haut-Clocher and affiliates with HQ and 1st Battalion 130th American Infantry Regiment, 33rd American Division.[7]

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