1st Battalion War Diary, October 1917

    1st Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/4311 & WO/95/2305    
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Army Form C. 2118
Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
Sheet 1
At CHARTERHOUSE CAMP the enemy dropped bombs in evening no casualties.
" 2nd
Bn relieved 2nd SWB’s in trenches in WIDJENDRIFT sector no casualties during relief.
Day quiet very little enemy shelling.
" 4th
Our barrage dropped 5.45 am, Enemy heavily shelled our sector all day, very few casualties.
" 5th
Relieved by Coldstream Gds & Grenadier Gds, Bn marched to CHARTERHOUSE CAMP arrived 2am.
Increases and decreases for week ending 5-10-17
Increase Off OR
Arrivals at Corps Depot from Base 17
Transferred to base / unfit for further service at front 1
Killed[1] 7
Died of Wounds (2-10-17) 2nd Lt LB Clapp 1
Wounded (4-10-17) 2nd Lt Raine 1 20
2 29
Bn marched to DUBLIN CAMP (huts) good.
Kit inspection by Cmdg Officer.
Sheet 2
" 8th
" 9th
Bn marched to ELVERDINGHE entrained to PROVEN & marched to PIDDINGTON CAMP (tents) very wet & muddy.
Rested and cleaned up.
" 11th
Rain. Improved camp chiefly draining.
" 12th
Rained all day, Increases & decreases for week ending 12-10-17.
Increase Off OR
Wounded at Duty (previously reported wounded 2nd Lt ERW Raine) 1
Drafts from Base    2nd Lt A Dafforn[2] / 2nd Lt G Craig 2 122
Rejoined from Hospital 1
3 123
Killed 2
Wounded 2
Transferred to IV Army Trg School 1
Evac from Div Area 6
" 13th
Rained all day state of camp terrible troops working all day on drains & mud.
" 14th
" 15th
Bn marched to PESELHOER entrained 2am 16th. billets good.
Arrived SAULTY 5.PM. & marched to BAILLEULMONT.
" 17th
Settling down in billets & arranging for intensive training.
" 18th
Commenced Platoon training & training of specialists.
Sheet 3
Continued Platoon training. Increase & decrease for week ending 19-10-17.
Increase Off OR
Rejoined from 87th T.M.B 2nd Lt Beckh 1
Transferred to 87th T.M.B 1
To England sick (5-10-17) 2nd Lt Lowthorpe Lutwidge 1
Evac from this area 6
1 7
" 20th
Col Ellis DSO took command of 87th Bgd. during Gen Lucas’s absence on leave to England.
" 21st
Church Parade.
" 22nd
Continued training, Pte Downie wounded rifle grenade (accidently).
" 23rd
        "             "
" 24th
        "             "
" 25th
2nd Lt HS Park killed (bombing accident).
" 26th
Continued training. Gen de Lisle came round.
Increases & decreases for week ending 26-10-17.
Increase Off OR
Draft from Base 1
Rejoined from Hospital 1
Rejoined from 87th T.M.B. 1
Killed (accidently) 2Lt Park (25-10-17) 1[3]
Died of wounds accidental 1 1
Wounded 2 2
Evac from Div Area 9
Transferred to 87th T.M.B 1
Transferred to XIV Corps School 3
1 16
Sheet 4
Lt R Cranfield[4] & 2nd Lt [?Dunning] – Elrington[5] & Little joined from Base. JL [?Butth or Buttle] rejoined.
" 28th
[?] des Molinis, special dinner for men & free beer & special dinner for all officers as Bn mess in the Recreation hut in village the following officers belonging to the regiment being guest Brig Gen H Nelson DSO Cmdg 88th Bgde – A Bgdr AJ Ellis DSO Commanding 87th Bgd – Lt Col Forbes Robertson DSO Cmdg 16th Middlesex Reg – Lt Col G Harrison DSO Cmdg 6th Corps School & Capt Pierre De Soissons (special appointment) 43 officers in all attended.
" 29th
Continued training.
" 30th
        "             "        also practice Bgd ceremonial parade.
" 31st
Continued training.

[Signed] ??? Capt.
1/Border Regiment

References / notes

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/2305/1
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.
  • War diary transcribed by Hugh Fulton
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    • Pte. 30402 A. Holland
    • Pte. 260069 R. Southern
    • Pte. 28605 Abraham Thornton
    Men killed 02/10/1917 (2)
    • L/Cpl. 28599 J. Quinlan
    • 2nd Lt. L.B. Clapp
    Men killed 04/10/1917 (5)
    • Pte. 28567 J. Harding
    • Pte. 27055 A. Marshall
    • Pte. 203307 D. Shannon
    • Pte. 260050 R.R. Woods (The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment)
    • Pte. 25425 George Wrigley (MM)
    Men killed 05/10/1917 (1)
    • Pte. 203311 Dominic Williams
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