1st Battalion War Diary, June 1917

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    1st Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/4311 & WO/95/2305    
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
Battalion holding Monchy defences. HQ in German Generals dugout Two men wounded today. Relieved tonight by 2nd Bn The Royal Scots & moved back to ARRAS. Rather heavy barrage put down by Boche during relief but as officers [?knew] this barrage [?] there were avoided & casualties saved. Arrived at Arras 6 AM.
ARRAS 2/6/17
Rested in Arras "in billets" Fairly lively shelling from a Boche long range H.V. gun (Quick Dick).
" 3/6/17
Training today on musketry ranges at citadel ARRAS.
" 4/6/17
Training continued. Leave for men is allotted daily giving great satisfaction.
CANDAS 5/6/17
Battalion entrained at ARRAS station 11 AM arriving CANDAS 6 PM comfortable clean little village, beautifully situated
Training at Candas
        Do        Interrupted by robust thunder storm.
Field day for battalion at AUTHEUX from 8 AM to 4 PM with picnic lunch – very much enjoyed by all ranks.
Interior economy this morning – afternoon holiday.
Weekly strength variation
Officers Other ranks
Increase Draft from Base 4 136 2Lt Park
2Lt ??
2Lt Trotter
2Lt [?Gregson]
Rejoined from Hospital 1
Decrease Wounded 2 Lt Thornburn Brown
2Lt ??
CANDAS 10/6/17
Divisional band played in CANDAS this afternoon.
" 11/6/17
Training at AUTHEUX Field day from 8.30 AM – 4.30PM.
" 12/6/17
Training at CANDAS.
" 13/6/17
Training at CANDAS.
" 14/6/17
Training at AUTHEUX Field day from 8.30 AM – 4.30PM.
" 15/6/17
Training at CANDAS.
" 16/6/17
Training at CANDAS. Interior Economy.
" 17/6/17
Church parade in orchard.
" 18/6/17
Field day at AUTHEUX. Lt General Sir Beauvoir De Lisle came round training today.
" 19/6/17
Training at CANDAS.
" 20/6/17
Brigade field day at AUTHEUX. Gen De Lisle & B. General Lucas present.
" 21/6/17
Training at CANDAS.
" 22/6/17
Another Brigade field day at AUTHEUX.
" 23/6/17
Interior economy this morning – afternoon rest.
" 24/6/17
Day of rest – much appreciate by all ranks.
" 25/6/17
Training again.
" 26/6/17
Entrained at DOULLENS arriving 9.30 PM & trained to PROVEN (Belgium).
Arrived PROVEN about 10 AM detrained & marched to "W" camp - rested till 5 PM then marched to International Corner entrained for VLAMARTINGAE[1] ELVERDINGHE detrained & marched, with guides, to CANAL BANK (YSER CANAL) into support trenches in relief of 15th Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2Lt R.S. Wynne injured his fingers & was on entraining & was evacuated to field ambulance.
" 28/6/17
Moved into front line in relief of 14th Royal Irish Fusiliers in line almost due S. of PILKEM. BN HQ still canal bank. Sent out patrol & stray shell fell among them killing Sgt. F Pte Rothery,[2] wounding 4, including Sgt FIELDS[3] who died of wounds.
" 29/6/17
Another patrol sent out tonight 2 officers & 14 other ranks. Encountered a Boche patrol & had a running fight, resulting in our having one man wounded.
" 30/6/17
Two patrols out tonight no enemy encountered.
Variation in strength. Weekly.
Week ending 15/6/17
Officers Other ranks
Increase Draft from Base 5 131 Lt Butler W.B.
2Lt Nicholson
2Lt Thompson W&C
2Lt Johnston
2lt Clucas
Rejoined from Hospital 1
Decrease Evacuated Sick 1
To Transportation Depot Boulogne 1
School Instruction 2
Week ending 22/6/17
Increase From Base 2 2Lt [?Buttle]
2Lt B[?]
Rejoined from Hospital 21
Decrease Evacuated Sick
To transportation Depot 1
Transfer to [?20776 Sup Coy] 5
Week ending 29/6/17
Increase Draft from Base 2 2Lt Watson
2Lt Wynne
Rejoined from Hospital 1
Decrease Death by Misadventure 1
Killed 1
Wounded 5

[Signed] Arthur W Sutcliffe Capt.
1st The Border Regiment

References / notes[edit]

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/2305/1
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.
  • War diary transcribed by Hugh Fulton
  1. Although crossed out, this is believed to be the modern-day Vlamertinge, approximately 3½ miles Elverdignhe.
  2. Tom Dalzell Rothery (202353 Pte.) Commonwealth War Graves Commission. He was just 19 years old.
  3. Robert W. Fields (9590 Sgt.) Commonwealth War Graves Commission, died 30 June, 1917, aged 26.