Gully Beach to Gully Ravine

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Gully Beach

Gully Beach and Gully Ravine join at this location on the north side the Gallipoli Peninsula in Western Turkey. This area is still technically part of the beach as it is very much open ground overlooking the beach directly but this view (pictured) becomes the start of the ravine, which in turn brings you to the RE Well, the Zig Zag, Geoghegan's Bluff, Redoubt C and the Border Barricade, to name a few of the major locations along this remarkable ravine. This whole area from the beach to the Allied front line, 4km in total, was of strategic importance and housed many men as well equipment and would have been a hive of activity; it could have been considered as the life blood for the men who spent large amounts of time living and fighting here. There would have been bivouacs, munition dumps, food, water, field-dressing stations, as well as stables for the horses and Headquarters.

References / notes[edit]

  • Information: Andy Crooks, 2008.
  • Photograph courtesy of William T. Crookshanks.

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