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11th Battalion War Diary, May 1918

    11th Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/2403    
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Place Date Hour Summary of Events
1st May
Battalion and Company training carried out.
Battalion and Company training during forenoon, night operations from 8PM to 11.30PM.
Forenoon spent preparing to move. Battalion from Laherliere at 2PM.
Arrived 4PM, billets in barns etc.
Usual company training during forenoon, afternoon devoted to recreation, football, shooting etc.
Church parade at 10AM.
Usual company training during forenoon, recreation in afternoon.
7th May
Usual company training during forenoon, in the afternoon at Bavincourt ribbon for military to 2nd Lt. J. Hurt and Bar to D.S.O. to Lt. Col. Beasley presented by Corps General. Also D.C.M. to L/Cpl. Todd.
Usual company training and afternoon recreation.
Usual company training and sports, at midnight on this date we cease to be known as 11th Border Regt. and are now 1/5th Border Regt.

10 officers and 123 O.R.s joined.
Capt. C.W. Fagan, Capt. S. Hall, Lieut C.H. Bickley, 2nd Lieut H.J. Martin, 2nd Lieut F.J. [?-Porteous], 2nd Lt F. Calvert, 2nd Lt E.S. Wynne, 2nd Lieut A.E. Knight, 2nd Lieut A.B. Paterson, 2nd Lt A. MacKenzie. Finish of Diary as regards 11th Border Regt.

[handwriting changes]
At midnight of 9/10 May the 5th and 11th Bns The Border Regt. were amalgamated and after amalgamation a Training Cadre of 10 officers and 51 O.R. was formed and designated 11th Bn the Border Regiment. A nominal roll of Cadre is attached.
12 May
The Cadre left 32nd Division and proceeded by train to FEUQUIERES to join 66th Division.
13 May
The Cadre arrived FEUQUIERES and marched to billets in MAISINIERES.
14-19 May
Spent in training the Cadre in their duties and waiting for 328th U.S. Inf. Regt. to arrive.
13-19 May
The 11th Bn The Border Regt. was under [administration] of 198 Inf Brigade but on 20th May was transferred to 199 Inf Brigade.
20 May
The 1st Bttn 328 U.S. Inf Regt. arrived and has billeted. 2 Coys BUIGNY, 2 Coys MONTCELET under canvas with the M.G. Coy at [?].
22 May[1]
The Cadre moved to BUIGNY. Training commenced and continued daily on training area between TILLOY and MONTIERES in very fine weather indeed.
29 May
Inspection of 1st Bttn 328 U.S. Inf Regt. at work in conjunction with Cadre of 11th Bn by General PERSHING on training area.
30 May
Inspection as above by Field Marshall Sir DOUGLAS HAIG. The training so far has been in:-

Musketry – on & off range, [?], Marching, Bombing, Bayonet fighting on & off assault course, Lewis Guns maintainance & firing.
Field work demonstration & practice (by demonstration platoon of 5th Bn The Border Regt.) Progress satisfactory.

[signed] A.N. Evehill, Lt. Col.
O.C. 11 Bn The Border Regiment

References / notes

  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/2403
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.
  1. Actual date not clear, could be another entry for the 20th May, could also be 23rd.
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