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11th Battalion War Diary, September 1917

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
    11th Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/2403    
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events
The Village was shelled considerably with long distance high velocity guns and during the night 31st July [August?]. Transport Lines were hit and 4 Officers Chargers killed.
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Battn finding Working Parties. Operation Orders received from Brigadier.
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Battn relieved 17th HLI in Left Sub Sector ST. GEORGES SECTOR. The first company marched off at 8.30pm. Relief was complete at midnight. Dispositions of Battn as follows:- A Coy on the right, B Coy on the left, C Coy in support, garrisoning 2 farms on the polders. D Coy in Brigade Reserve, acting as carrying parties for the front line Coys.
In the Line
Front comparatively quiet. Trenches consist of breast works, only not in a good state of repair. There is an absolute break between the Left Coy Front and Right Coy Front, caused by a bridge over a large dyke being broken down. & men wounded.
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Comparatively quiet. Slight shelling on Left Coy Front. 1 man killed, 2 men wounded.
In the Line
Some ‘Minnies’ troublesome on left Coy Front. 2/Lt A. Armer killed & 3 O.R. killed.
- do -
Fairly quiet. Gas put over on the front. Enemy made practically no retaliation. 2 O.R. wounded.
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Some shelling on the Brickworks and Left Coy Front. 2 O.R. killed, 3 O.R. wounded. Operation Orders received from Brigade.
- do -
Quiet. 1 man wounded.
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Early in the morning the Battn was relieved in the Line by the 2nd KOYLI and proceeded to billets in WULPEN. Relief quiet.
No one allowed on Streets during day, owing to enemy balloon observation. Time spent in cleaning billets and working parties by night.
- do -
Everything quiet.
- do -
Battn finding working parties.
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Battn finding working parties. Operation Orders received from Brigade.
- do -
Battn relieved 17th HLI in the Right Sub Sector, ST. GEORGES SECTOR, first Coy marching off at 8pm. Relief quiet and complete at 11.30pm. Disposition of Battn as follows:- C Coy on the right, D Coy on the left. A Coy in Support at WHITE HOUSE & B Coy in reserve at GROOTE LABEUR FARM. BHQ - VACHE GREVEE.
In the Line
Front quiet.
- do -
Raid on C Coys lines about 3.30am. Loss 1 O.R. killed and 1 O.R. wounded. Heavy hostile bombardment on left sub-sector (ST. GEORGES and LOMBARDZYDE) During afternoon, a Bosche wounded during raid on C Company, was brought into our lines.
- do -
Germans used megaphone from ALPHA POST to C Coy POST.
- do -
German came out of ALPHA POST towards C Coy POST. Later 2/Lt RIDGWAY went out from C Coy POST to meet German who came out of ALPHA POST. There was no result from these advances. Operation Orders received from Brigade.
- do -
British Aeroplane down at KETTLERDAM BRIDGE. Pilot rescued. Relieved by 15 th HLI and went into billets at COXYDE.
Left COXYDE at 2pm and marched to LA PANNE in Divisional Reserve. Operational Orders received from Brigade.
Left LA PANNE by sea route for ZUYDCOOTE and took over from 1/4th KOYLI.
Church Parade. Operations Orders received from Brigade.
- do -
Marched from ZUDYCOOTE to LA PANNE by Sea Route.
Battn finding working Parties.
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Battn finding working Parties. Lecture to all Officers & Platoon Sgts by Divisional Commander. 1 Coy practicing Apron Fence wiring.
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Battn finding Working Parties. 1 Coy practicing Apron Fence Wiring. Operation Orders received from Bge.
- do -
Battn relieved 15th Lancashire Fusiliers as Support Battn in the LOMBARDZYDE Sector with BHQ in "RUBBER HOUSE". Transport inspected by Div Com.
In the Line
Battn finding Working Parties for Front Line Battalion. B Coy carrying party led astray by HLI guide, which resulted in 1 O.R. being wounded and missing and 1 O.R. wounded (S.S.) 1 O.R. killed at BHQ.
- do -
Battn finding Working Parties. 2/Lt D WALKER and 3 O.R. wounded, 2 O.R. killed, 1 O.R. Died of Wounds.
C.H. Margerison, Capt.
XI Border Regiment

References / notes[edit | edit source]

  • Transcription by K. Johnstone.
  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/2403
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.