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8th Border Regiment trench raid: original raid instruction (6th Nov 1917)

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki



Reference Map :-

1/10,000 LA BASSEE (Sheet 36c N.W.1.)6th November, 1917.

1. A raid will be carried out by the 8th Borders on a date and at a time to be notified later.
   The raid will be accompanied by a simulated gas attack and will therefore be dependent on the wind; all arrangements will however be made for carrying out the operation on the evening of Thursday, November 8th, if conditions are favourable.

2. The objectives are as follows :-
   (a). The portion of the enemy trench at about A.21.d.85.65. where an enemy post is suspected.
   (b). The enemy front line astride the LA BASSEE Road from A.22.c.0.9. to A.22.a.05.15. where certain posts have been located and a machine gun is suspected.

3. At Zero, projectors will project gas into the area RYANS KEEP - FRANKS KEEP - RAILWAY COTTAGE.
   The firing of the projectors will be the signal for smoke candles to be lit along the whole front from TWIN SAP to ARGYLE SAP SOUTH under arrangements of O.C. 8th Borders, and also for 4" Mortars to fire gas bombs into the area RYANS KEEP - FRANKS KEEP _ RAILWAY COTTAGE.
   Under cover of this smoke cloud, the raiding parties will effect an entry into the enemy trenches.

4. There will be no Artillery bombardment, but from Zero onwards, the Artillery will stand by in readiness to put down, if necessary, a barrage to cover the withdrawl of the raiders, and four 3" Stoke Mortars will similarly be prepared to co-operate on selected points in enemy trenches (to be mutually decided between O.C. 75th T.M. Battery and O.C. 8th Borders.).
   The signal for the Artillery and 3" Mortars to open fire will be, a gold and silver rain rocket, fired up by the O.C. Raiders from a point to be selected by O.C. 8th Borders, and to be notified to all concerned.

5. Officers Commanding 110th Brigade, R.F.A., 8th Borders, No. 4 Special Coy. R.E., 'D' Special Coy. R.E., and 75th T.M. Battery, will submit their plans in accordance with the above by noon to-morrow.

[signed] KFD Gattie
Brigade Major, 75th Infantry Brigade.

Issued at 7.30 p.m.
    Copies to :-

25th Division 'G'.
 7th Infantry Brigade.
74th Infantry Brigade.
11th Cheshire Regt.
 8th Border Regt.
 2nd S. Lancs Regt.
 8th S. Lancs Regt.
 5th Bn: C.E.P.
75th T.M. Battery

75th M.G. Company.
110th Brigade R.F.A.
No. 4 Special Coy. R.E.
'D' Special Coy. R.E.
75th Field Ambulance.
Staff Captain.
War Diary.

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