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8th Border Regiment trench raid: authorisation of ammunition and shells (6th Nov 1917)

S E C R E T.
25th Division No: G.S. 238.

XI Corps.

   1. May 700 single smoke cases type 'S' and 100 'P' bombs be issued to this Division for a minor operation?
   2. Authority is also requested for the issue of 200 drums of 'C.G.' ammunition to "D" Special Company R.E.

      These are required in connection with a raid by the 75th Infantry Brigade, which it is hoped to carry out two days after the present gas operations have taken place. By projecting gas again against the vicinity of AUCHY after an interval of only two days, it is thought that good results may be obtained, as the enemy may not be expecting gas again so soon and, in addition, it will assist the raid considerably by causing confusion in the rear just when the raid is taking place.

Capt. for
Major General,
Commanding 25th Division.

6th November, 1917.
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