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8th Border Regiment trench raid: raid amendment order (8th Nov 1917)

S E C R E T.

AMENDMENTS to 75th INFANTRY BRIGADE ORDER No.206/1 dated 7th Novr.

Para: 3,(a) and the last 3 lines of para. 5 of 75th Infantry Brigade Order No. 206/1 date 7th November are cancelled and the following substituted :-

Representatives of No. 4 and "D" Special Companies R.E. will meet the O.C. Raiders in the LANE Communication Trench at A.21.d.30.85. at Zero minus 30 minutes and from this point will fire up a succession of GREEN Very Lights at Zero minus 10 minutes in the event of the wind having become in their opinion unfavourable.

Reference para: 3,(b) and (c) of Brigade Order No. 206/1, these light signals will still hold good as at present arrange except that they will be fired up from the LANE at A.21.d.30.85. instead of from the junction of the front line and the LA BASSEE ROAD.

[signed] KFD Gattie
Brigade Major, 75th Infantry Brigade.

8th November, 1917.

    Copies to :-
25th Division "G".
7th Infantry Brigade.
74th Infantry Brigade.
11th Cheshire Regt.
8th Border Regt.
2nd S. Lancs Regt.
8th S. Lancs Regt.
5th Bn. C.E.P.
75th T.M. Battery.
75th M.G. Company.
110th Brigade R.F.A.
No: 4 Special Coy. R.E.
'D' Special Coy. R.E.
75th Field Ambulance.
75th Bde: Signals.
War Diary.
106th Field Coy. R.E.

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