8th Border Regiment trench raid: original raid memo (8th Nov 1917)

S E C R E T.
25th Division No: G.S. 238.

XI Corps.
46th Division.
1st Portuguese Division.

Reference Map 1/10,000 LA BASSEE (Sh. 36° N.W.1).

1.    A raid will be carried out tonight by the 8th Bn: Border Regiment (75th Infantry Brigade) on the following objectives :-
(a) The portion of the enemy trench at about A.21.d.85.65 where an enemy post is suspected.
(b) The enemy front line astride the LA BASSEE road from A.22.c.00.90 to A.22.a.05.15 where certain posts have been located and a machine gun is suspected.

2.    The raid will be accompanied by a simulated gas projector attack, the firing of gas bombs from 4" Mortars and shelling of the enemy's defences with gas shells. The operation is, therefore, dependent on the wind.
      The Raiders will enter the enemy's defences under cover of a smoke cloud.
3.    There will be no artillery bombardment but the Artillery and Stoke Mortars will be prepared to put down a barrage, if necessary, to cover the withdrawal of the raiding party. The signal for this barrage will be a Gold and Silver rain Rocket.

4.    Zero hour will be 12.35 a.m. night 8th/9th November.

[signed] [.......] Capt.,
for Major General,
Commanding 25th Division.

8th November, 1917.
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