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8th Border Regiment trench raid: operational notes (7th Nov 1917)


7th November, 1917.

1. Reference 75th Infantry Brigade Order No. 206 dated 6/11/17.
   ZERO hour is fixed for 12.35 a.m. night 8th/9th November.

2. Following code messages will be used in connection with the operation :-
   ALL SWANK - Operation will take place to-night.
   EXEMPT    - Operation will NOT take place tonight.

3. Following light signals will used in connection with the operation :-
   (a). Succession of GREEN Very Lights fired from the junction of the Front Line and the LA BASSEE ROAD by O.C. Raiders at ZERO minus 10 minutes - OPERATION WILL NOT TAKE PLACE TO-NIGHT.

   (b). Succession of GREEN Very Lights fired by O.C. Raiders from same position on completion of raid - RAID COMPLETE - ALL CLEAR.

   (c). The Gold and Silver Rain rocket referred to in para 4 of Brigade Order No. 206. This will be fired from the same position as mentioned above and will be repeated at BRADDELL POINT.

   (d). Ordinary WHITE Very Lights will be fired up from BRADDELL POINT during the raid as an indication of direction to the raiders.

4. O.C., 75th T.A. Battery, O.C., No. 4 Special Co., R.E., and O.C., 'D' Special Co., R.E., will be Headquarters, 8th Border Regt., at BRADDELL POINT.

5. At ZERO minus 2 hours. O.C. 8th Borders will make a decision in consultation with O.C., No. 4 Special Co., R.E. and O.C. 'D' Special Co., R.E., as to whether the wind is favouarble or not for the operation, and will notify his decision to Brigade Headquarters by means of code messages referred to in para: 2.
   If by ZERO minus 10 minutes the wind has become unfavouarble, O.C. Raiders will be empowered to fire up the GREEN Lights referred to in para: 3.

6. Brigade Signal Officer will make additional signal arrangements that may be necessary for the purpose of enabling O.C., 75th T.M. Battery and O's. C. No. 4 and 'D' Special Co's., R.E. to keep in touch with their respective Section Officers.

7. Brigade Signal Officer will send a watch showing correct time to Headquarters, 8th Border Regt., and to Headquarters, 110th Brigade, R.F.A., by 8 p.m. November 8th.

[signed] K.F.D. Gattie
Brigade Major, 75th Infantry Brigade.

Issued through Signals 8.40 p.m.
    Copies to :-

 25th Division 'G'.
   7th Infantry Brigade.
 74th Infantry Brigade.
 11th Cheshire Regt.
   8th Border Regt.
  2nd S. Lancs Regt.
   8th S. Lancs Regt.
   5th Bn: C.E.P.
 75th T.M. Battery  75th M.G. Company.
110th Brigade R.F.A.
No. 4 Special Coy. R.E.
    'D' Special Coy. R.E.
  75th Field Ambulance.
Staff Captain.
War Diary.
106th Field Coy. R.E.

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