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8th Border Regiment trench raid: RFA order (8th Nov 1917)

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki
S E C R E T.          B.M.1/27.

O.C. 112th Brigade. R.F.A.

1.    The 75th Infantry Brigade is carrying out a raid tonight on the enemy's trench at A.21.d.8565 and from A.22.c.0.9. - A.22.a.0515.

2.    The raid will be accompanied by a simulated gas attack and will therefore be dependent on the wind.

3.    There will be no artillery bombardment, but 110th Brigade R.F.A. will be in readiness to put down a barrage to cover the withdrawal of the raiders if necessary.
      The signal for this barrage will be a GOLD and SILVER rain Rocket fired from the LANE A.21.d.3085 and repeated at BRADDELL POINT.

4.    The 112th Brigade. R.F.A. will assist with 4.5" Hows firing gas (B C B R) on the following M.G. emplacements :-


      This will commence at ZERO.

Rounds per How.
From. To. Rate per
how p.m.
Zero. Plus 4. 3. 12.
Plus 4. Plus 20. 1. 16.
Plus 20. Plus 24. 3. 12.

5.    At Zero hour minus 30 minutes the 112th Brigade R.F.A. will fire 3 rounds per gun on their harassing fire targets.

6.    On the signal mentioned in para 3 being fired, the 112th Brigade will fire with bursts of harassing fire for 10 minutes.

7.    ZERO HOUR will be 12.35 a.m. tonight 8th/9th November.

8.    In case it is necessary to cancel the operation the word EXEMPT will be wired from D.A.H.Q.

9.    White Very Lights will be fired from BRADDELL POINT during the operation as a guide for direction for the raiders.

      These lights must not be confused with the GOLD and SILVER Rain ROCKET.


Major. R.A.
Brigade Major. 25th Div. Artillery

Copies to 25th Division 'G'.

          75th Infantry Brigade.
          [page runs out]

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