8th Border Regiment trench raid: RE instruction to assist (8th Nov 1917)

       SECRET COPY NO.  2  
Nov. 8th 1917

ap ref:
  LA BASSEE; 1/10,000


1. Intention:
In order to assist a raid by 8th Border Regt. on enemy trenches:-
(a) Post at A.21.a.85.65. (b) Front line from A.22.c.0.9. to A.22.a.05.15.
"O" Section, No.4 Special Coy. R.E. will co-operate in a simulated gas attack by firing gas bombs on to RYANS KEEP at Zero hour in conjunction with projectors of "D" Special Coy. R.E. and Smole Candles to be liberated by Infantry.

2. Detail:

No. of Mortars; 6
Emplacements; at about A.21.d.7.6.
Ammunition; T.M.E., C.G. - 100 rounds.
T.M.E., N.C. - 100 rounds.

3. Zero hour:
Will be 12.35 a.m., Nov. 8/9th.

4. Wind limits:
W.N.W. thro' W. to S.W.

5. CODE:
The following Code will be used:-
Operation will take place to-night; ALL SWANK
Operation will not take place to-night; EXEMPT

6. Light Signals:
(a) Succession of GREEN Very lights fired from A.21.d.30.85. in the LANE by O.C. Raid at zero - 10 mins:- Operation WILL NOT take place to-night.
(b) Succession of GREEN Very lights fired by O.C. Raid on completion of raid:- Raid complete, ALL CLEAR.

7. Decisions:
O.C. "C" Section will be at Battn. H.Q. at BRADDELL POINT at zero - 2 hours, when a decision will be made by O.C. Battn.: if this is favourable O.C. "O" Section will report to O.C. Raid at A.21.d.30.85. in the LANE by zero - 30 mins. at latest. At zero - 10 mins. O.C. Raid will make a decision in consultation with O.C. "C" Section and O.C. "D" Special Coy. R.E. O.C. "O" Section will take the firing of "D" Special Coy's Projectors as a signal for opening fire: all rounds to be fired in one burst of rapid fire.

8. Precautions:
It is advised that personnel will wear box respirators and gas doors be closed from zero-5 mins. till ALL CLEAR is given within the line of fire of the Mortars. O.C. "C" Section will detail an Officer to inspect the front line immediately after ceasing fire, who will report when all is clear. O.C. "O" Section will then inform the Coy. H.Q. in ROBERTSON'S Tunnel and wire PRIORITY to Battn. H.Q.

9. Synchronisation:
O.C. "O" Section will synchronise his time with that of Battn. H.Q., BRADDELL POINT before the operation.

O.C. No.4 Special Coy. R.E.

Issued at  5.15pm 

    Copies to :-

No. 1    KI Corps.
    2    25th Division.
    3    75th Inf. Bde.
    4/5  O.C. "O" Section, No.4 Spec. Coy.
    6    O.C. "D" Special Coy. R.E.
    7    O.C. No.4 Special Coy. R.E.
    8    O.S.C., R.E., First Army.
    9    File.
   10/11 War Diary.

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