2 May

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Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 2 May.


Dear Sir, I have much pleasure in writing these few lines to thank you for the two parcels of cigarettes received. Also my thanks are due to my uncle W.T. Pursglove, of Philadelphia, and the Moss Bay Roll Turners, for their generous subscription to your valuable Fund, and their good wishes that you would send me some of your cigarettes. I was very pleased to note in the “Star” that you have carried out my wishes, and sent the surplus of my American parcel to my Platoon out in the trenches. The cigarettes which I have received here, and distributed amongst my fellow patients, are excellent, and I am sure that all the fellows “out there” will appreciate them. I sincerely hope they are having a quiet time, and are able to sit down and enjoy their smokes in peace, without being troubled even with an occasional visit by a “whizz-bang” which are very anxious to oblige by flicking off the ash of your cigarette. Of late I have been having a fairly hard time of it. I have been having some pieces of the Kaiser’s old iron taken from my chest, but thanks to the careful attention of the Sisters and nurses, and their untiring devotion to duty, I am again feeling almost my former self. The accomplishments of these “Florence Nightingales” of modern warfare will ever stand out in he annals of British History.
All honour to them. Again thanking you, your staff, and readers, and wishing you and them all the very best of health and luck. [3]

References / notes[edit]

  1. A group of soldiers (or prisoners) that are assigned to perform manual tasks or duties, for their own or other units.
  2. 11th Battalion War Diary, May 1916
  3. Busy Having Pieces of the Kaiser's Iron Taken From His ChestWorkington Star and Harrington Guardian. Published 12 May 1916.