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6 May


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 6 May.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 6 May on The Great War wiki.

1915 (Thursday)

  • General Mackinnon, (Western Command) to Lord Lonsdale: "I take the opportunity of expressing to you my very high appreciation of your patriotic action in raising the battalion, and of congratulating you on the success which has attended your efforts." [1]
  • Letter from Lt-Col. Machell: "You will think me unreasonable about the rations for Saturday, but it is one of those things that is impossible – we draw on 1/9d per head here & have to live on it – it is not possible to calculate the value of the various ‘ingredients’ of the tea meal & pay for them – But it is quite easy as it is – we have breakfast here, dinner in the train, & take tea sugar milk, cheese etc, asking you to have the bread bought locally & all ready, because it is bulky – then on Sunday we get no 1/9 & simply draw the usual army ration and the 4d per man grocery ration.
    The Battalion is being paid today....There is the usual excitement, of course, & they tell me we shall have a job to get down Botchergate on Saturday morning – No detail yet about hour of departure but it will be 2 trains – The 1st probably taking heavy baggage & 1 Company, The other kitbags etc. & 2 Companies. I wish Lord Lonsdale could have seen D Company too. I am so glad all are doing so well....I think all is straight here – It is lucky I don’t want to go away myself! [Capt.] Clart has been North & gathers that our Scotch friends are not wonderful. I wish they were – it would lift us along to get with good people." [2]
  • Enlistments to E Company: William Hume (19471) / A. Lynn (19472) / J. Dalton (19473).[3]

1916 (Saturday)

  • Contay Wood: Battalion in isolation camp (measles) involved in Divisional and Brigade manoeuvres, training and small working parties. Training continues for those who are able during the whole period of isolation.
  • A draft of 50 other ranks join the Battalion.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Brown of C Company leaves the battalion and returns to England.

1917 (Sunday)

  • Offoy: Church Parade at 9.55am; recreation during afternoon.

1918 (Monday)

  • Berles-au-Bois: Usual company training during forenoon; recreation during afternoon.


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