15 April


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 15 April.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 15 April on The Great War wiki.

1915 (Thursday)

  • Capt. Diggle’s Order: No breakfasts will under any circumstances be taken to a Barrack-room unless by special order of the Medical Officer.[1]
  • Battalion Orders: All Officers, N.C. Officers & men who have not yet been inoculated for the first or second time will attend at the Medical Inspection Room.[2]
  • Capt. Stanley provides his detailed report on the progress at Belton Park Camp, Grantham.[3]
  • Two Lance Corporals and 30 Privates are transferred from E Company to B Company and D Company.[4]

1916 (Saturday)

  • Battalion (minus A Company) in support at Aveluy involved in working parties.
  • 2nd Lieut. Taylor is killed after falling when his horse accidentally slips during the night.[a][5]

1917 (Sunday)

  • North of Fayet: Remain in the line, strengthening defences etc.
  • Relief by 16th Lancashire Fusiliers and the 16th Northumberland Fusiliers commences at 8.30pm. Relief completes at 11.30pm.


1918 (Monday)


  1. His horse slipped on a dark night and came down with him. He was an Australian, a fine rider, and "one of the best officers we had."
  2. Slight discrepancy between sources. Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Volume 39, The Border Regiment states 15 April, and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission states 16 April.


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