15 April

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 15 April.
For events that took place elsewhere in the Great War, see The Great War:15 April.

1915 (Thursday)[edit | edit source]

  • Capt. Diggle’s Order: No breakfasts will under any circumstances be taken to a Barrack-room unless by special order of the Medical Officer.[1]
  • Battalion Orders: All Officers, N.C. Officers & men who have not yet been inoculated for the first or second time will attend at the Medical Inspection Room.[2]
  • Capt. Stanley provides his detailed report on the progress at Belton Park Camp, Grantham.[3]
  • Two Lance Corporals and 30 Privates are transferred from E Company to B Company and D Company. [137]

1916 (Saturday)[edit | edit source]

  • Battalion (minus A Company) in support at Aveluy involved in working parties.
  • 2nd Lieut. Taylor is killed after falling when his horse accidentally slips during the night.[note 1][4]

1917 (Sunday)[edit | edit source]

  • North of Fayet: Remain in the line, strengthening defences etc.
  • Relief by 16th Lancashire Fusiliers and the 16th Northumberland Fusiliers commences at 8.30pm. Relief completes at 11.30pm.

Deaths[edit | edit source]

1918 (Monday)[edit | edit source]

  1. His horse slipped on a dark night and came down with him. He was an Australian, a fine rider, and "one of the best officers we had."
  2. Slight discrepancy between sources. Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Volume 39, The Border Regiment states 15 April and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission states 16 April.
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Various sources contemporary to the war have been used to compile The Lonsdale Battalion On This Day. The majority of the events shown on this day (15 April), including any supplementary notes, enlistments and statistical data etc., have been primarily sourced from the Lonsdale Battalion War Diary (November 1915 to June 1918), Record of the XIth (Service) Battalion (Lonsdale) and abridged material from Timeline and Chronology of the Lonsdale Battalion (September 1914 - May 1915), which are sourced from the original DLONS/L/13/13 Lowther Estate Archives. Events from that chronology are reproduced here with kind permission of Jim Lowther (2016). They are identified and referenced separately by their unique DLONS numbers. Please do not publish these events without prior permission from the Lowther Estate. All casualty names, numbers, ranks, date of deaths and places of burial/commemoration have been sourced from Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Volume 39, The Border Regiment and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database respectively.