18 April


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 18 April.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 18 April on The Great War wiki.

1915 (Sunday)

  • General Sir Henry Mackinnon (Commander in Chief, Western Command) to Lord Lonsdale: I am much distressed about the War Office plans for your Battalion. I did hear that the Battalion were going to be put in the Highland Division. That would not be so bad if it were the 1st Highland, which I understand is going abroad soon. If, however, it is the 2nd Highland, I should be sorry....If you ever come across Lord Kitchener, you might mention the Battalion to him, and you certainly have my authority to say how very highly I think of the material and training." [1]

1916 (Tuesday)

  • Contay Wood: Battalion in isolation camp (measles) involved in training and small working parties.[a]
  • Lance-Corporal O. Bell writes a letter to the Workington Star and Harrington Guardian: Dear Sir, I must drop you a line to thank you and your subscribers so much for sending me the parcel of Old Tom cigarettes. I shared them out to the lads in my Section, who I may say are nearly all from Workington and the neighbouring villages. We are some distance from the firing line just at present, but we never know the minute we may be called upon. I am writing to thank the senders of the parcel under separate cover; but it will do no harm by thanking them through your valuable paper, too. I must now conclude, wishing you all, also the Smoke Fund, the best of luck." [2]

1917 (Wednesday)

1918 (Thursday)


  1. Training continues for those who are able during the whole period of isolation, approximately one month.


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  2. May Be Called Upon Any Minute. Published 28 April 1916.
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