26 April


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 26 April.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 26 April on The Great War wiki.

1916 (Wednesday)

1917 (Thursday)

  • Offoy: Battalion training. Gas demonstration by divisional Gas Officer in afternoon.
  • Twelve Military Medals are awarded for operations north Fayet 14 April 1917.

1918 (Friday)

  • In the Line: Relief from last night completes at 12.10am.
  • Battalion marches back to Ransart - Monchy road and embusses for Laherty. Arrives about 4am.
  • Reveille 12 noon. Battalion is billeted in a scattered village[b] about 10 miles from the line, at one hours notice to move.
  • Day is spent cleaning up, re-clothing and replacing deficiencies.
  • Assembly position reconnoitred.


  1. Training continues for those who are able during the whole period of isolation.
  2. The men are billeted in barns and huts whilst the officers are in houses.
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