9 February


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 9 February.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 9 February on The Great War wiki.

1915 (Tuesday)

  • "NCO’s and men of companies in possession of equipment will wear waistbelts, entrenching tool & helve, frogs & one pouch on right-hand side, i.e., 'Drill Order,' on all duties except when specially ordered to approach in 'Marching Order' or otherwise. Guards invariably mount in 'Marching Order' the equipment being worn over the greatcoat in inclement weather and as soon as they have mounted they will change from 'Marching Order' to 'Drill Order,' sentries being relieved for this purpose. The old guard including sentries will await the arrival of the new guard in 'Marching Order.' NCO’s and men on Orderly Duty will wear belts and bayonets." [1]
  • F. Gunnion (15446), W. Johnstone (15311) and W. Steel (15530) are forfeit their pay due to absence.[1]
  • Punishment in detention: J. Hewitt (136223) of C Company and W. Johnstone (15311) of B Company.[1]
  • G. Lennon (15270) of B Company is reverted to the ranks.[1]

1916 (Wednesday)

1917 (Friday)

  • Battalion is situated at Lytham Camp near Beaussart. Day is spent making necessary preparations for an attack, re-equipping, drawing of bombs etc.
  • Operation orders are read and discussed to Company Commanders and Officers.

1918 (Saturday)

  • Battalion is situated in the field. Billets are scattered and headquarters is located at Boche X Roads.
  • The day is spent in cleaning up.
  • A large draft of officers and other ranks join from the 6th Border Regiment.


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