10 August

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 10 August.


  • Battalion situated in the Cambrin Sector takes over the front line trenches in the right of the sub-sector.[1]
  • Lonsdales relieve the 17th Highland Light Infantry at 2pm; the relief is carried out successfully without any casualties.[1]
  • The 16th Kng's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry relieves the Lonsdales in the support line.[1]
  • At 9:00pm Major Chamberlayne visits the trenches and the Commanding Officer at 1:00am.[1]
  • During the day, trench mortars are very active both hostile and our own; a machine gun being buried.[1]


  • Battalion moves from Coxyde to Oost Dunkerque at 10:00am.[2]


References / notes[edit]