6 August

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 6 August.


  • Field Marshal Earl Kitchener's plan to increase the ranks of the Regular Army with volunteers is approved by Parliament to an of increase of 500,000 men.[1]


  • The Lonsdales spend the day improving trenches etc. in the Cambrin Sector.[2]
  • Artillery on both sides are quiet but aeroplanes are continually observing over the German lines.[2]
  • Hostile aeroplanes make several attempts to cross our lines but are quickly driven back by our artillery.[2]
  • The Commanding Officer visits 'Sims Keep' and 'Arthur's Keep' at 10pm and finds both in good order.[2]
  • Machine guns on both sides are very active; enemy trench mortars are active along our line doing no material damage; our TM's reply effectively.[2]


  • Battalion involved in training at Coxyde under Company arrangements.[3]

References / notes[edit]