12 August


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 12 August.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 12 August on The Great War wiki.

1916 (Saturday)

  • Battalion remains in trenches in the front line (Cambrin Sector). Early in the morning 1 NCO and 4 other ranks (MG) are hit by an explosive bullet; one man is killed.
  • Hostile artillery is very quiet during morning.
  • At 4:10pm 11th Border artillery bombards the German lines for approximately 15 minutes.
  • At 8:00pm the Germans start a bombardment that lasts for about an hour; 11th Border artillery replies very effectively causing the enemy to cease their fire.
  • Three other ranks wounded in the bombardment.
  • The Commanding Officer visits the trenches at 9:30pm.
  • Deaths: Richard Hartness (19505 Pte.).

1917 (Sunday)

  • Battalion situated at Ooste Dunkerque have church parade at 10:00am.

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