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Clarke, 9429 (DCM & Bar)

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The following text is a Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) transcription of a Border Regiment soldier of the First World War.

Name C. Clarke
Rank Acting Sergeant (Acting Regimental Sergeant major)
Number 9429
Other details Attached 1st Battalion Wiltshire Regiment (Carlisle)
Date published 3 September 1919
Citation During the period under review he has acted as RSM to the battalion, and in that capacity he has shown the greatest devotion to duty in all his work. When in the line his conduct under heavy shelling has been splendid. On 27th May 1918, near Beuffignereux, when the battalion had been practically surrounded by the enemy, he collected a party of stragglers and succeeded in holding up the enemy for some time. When retirement became necessary he withdrew his party with great skill, displaying marked powers of Leadership.
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