Nurthen, 10788 (DCM)

The following text is a Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) transcription of a Border Regiment soldier of the First World War.
Name G. E. Nurthen
Rank Corporal (Lance Sergeant)
Number 10788
Other details 2nd Border Regiment (N. Kensington)
Date published 25 February 1920
Citation (ITALY) Near Visna, on the 29th October 1918, he was put in charge of two Lewis gun teams covering the bridge. The enemy blew up the bridge, massed in the village behind and attacked, killing and capturing all except the two sections under Cpl. Nurthen, who remained at his post and covered the bridge until reinforcements arrived about eight hours afterwards. It was the fine courage and coolness with which he handled his Lewis gun in action that saved these sections.

Additional info[edit source]

Border Regiment DCM's were published in the Supplements to the Gazette (London-Edinburgh-Belfast). These can be searched for using Gazettes-Online where scanned images of the original pages are available to view for free. This Distinguished Conduct Medal Citation has been transcribed as accurately as possible but please be aware there may be some typos or others errors as part of this process.