15 September

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion and the Border Regiment in the First World War
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Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 15 September.


  • Telegram of Lord Lonsdale: ...meeting of Cumberland & Westmorland Territorial Force Association today....decided create special Lonsdale Battalion....men who had already enlisted in groups for this Unit have been suddenly called Depot Carlisle and merged with others. This has proved prejudicial to recruiting. Essential that Men now enlisted for this Lonsdale Battalion being of higher class than ordinary recruits should remain together until transferred....Recruiting will commence on receipt of reply. [1]


  • Battalion situated in the front line trenches (Cuinchy Sector). A quiet day.[2]
  • At 9:45pm a raid is carried out by a party of the Royal Scots Regiment.[2]


  • The Lonsdales are relieved by the 17th Highland Light Infantry in the Right Sub-sector (St. George's Sector) with first Company marching off at 8:00pm. Relief is quiet and complete at 11:30pm.[3]
  • Disposition of Battalion is as follows:-
'C' Company on the right, 'D' on the left, 'A' in Support at 'White House' and 'B' in reserve at Groote Labeur Farm. Battalion HQ at Vache Greeve.[3]

References / notes[edit]