7 October

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 7 October.
For events that took place elsewhere in the Great War, see The Great War:7 October.

1914 (Wednesday)[edit | edit source]

  • Five men are recruited at Abbeytown.[1]
  • Enlistments: William Stirling Hunter (13300 Sgt.)
  • List of clothing: 1000 greatcoats, 1000 stockingette jackets, 1000 kitbags, 900 pairs of socks, 300 pairs of puttees, 600 pairs woollen drawers, 300 caps, 440 flannel shirts, 144 pairs of boots and laces, 600 jackets and trousers.[2]
  • Letter of Major Binning to Carlisle Citizens’ League: "Will you please convey to the Members...who are supplying the daily papers to the Camp here the appreciation of the Officers and men for their gift." [3]
  • Letter of Major Binning to the R.A.C.: "I shall be much obliged if you have any members in Carlisle to know what arrangements could be made for the use of a Car to run between Carlisle and this Camp, which is upwards of 2 miles from the City." [4]

1915 (Thursday)[edit | edit source]

  • "All Officers are entitled to three blankets and should retain same in their possession." [5]

1916 (Saturday)[edit | edit source]

  • Battalion situated in the Cambrin Sector. The day is very quiet.
  • At 3pm Major Moore (17th Highland Light Infantry) visits Battalion and inspects front line trenches with Commanding Officer.
  • During morning Commanding Officer attends a conference conducted by Brigadier-General Jardine.

1917 (Sunday)[edit | edit source]

  • Battalion situated in Teteghem cleaning equipment and improving of billets.

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Various sources contemporary to the war have been used to compile The Lonsdale Battalion On This Day. The majority of the events shown on this day (7 October), including any supplementary notes, enlistments and statistical data etc., have been primarily sourced from the Lonsdale Battalion War Diary (November 1915 to June 1918), Record of the XIth (Service) Battalion (Lonsdale) and abridged material from Timeline and Chronology of the Lonsdale Battalion (September 1914 - May 1915), which are sourced from the original DLONS/L/13/13 Lowther Estate Archives. Events from that chronology are reproduced here with kind permission of Jim Lowther (2016). They are identified and referenced separately by their unique DLONS numbers. Please do not publish these events without prior permission from the Lowther Estate. All casualty names, numbers, ranks, date of deaths and places of burial/commemoration have been sourced from Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Volume 39, The Border Regiment and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database respectively.